Feed from our trainers on Jobs That Are Going To Be In High Demand After The Lockdown
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Jobs That Are Going To Be In High Demand After The Lockdown

As you know, COVID-19 outbreak is gripping the world with fear and uncertainty. We all had to adopt some new work habits and change our day-to-day routine to fit into the new work from home routine. Most of us are working from home for an indefinite time and the news of the jobs’ market sinking is doing the rounds.

However, we should not believe all that we hear for there are still a lot of companies that hiring candidates and expanding during these times. All the recruitment has gone virtual as recruiters are now connecting with candidates through videos and phones. In fact, 450+ companies are using AMCAT from home to shortlist candidates for various job openings.

So, a solid AMCAT score will make your job search easier in these times of uncertainty. Moreover, virtual platforms like Hangout, Skype and Zoom are also in high demand to conduct recruitment.

Having an idea about the kind of jobs that will be in high demand will help you prepare your job search in advance. Here are some of the job role that you should look out for.

Job Profiles In High Demand

COVID-19 has completely changed the way companies work and operate. More and more companies are using digital platforms to operate and conduct business. All these new and upcoming changes have taught us how to do business without physically seeing or meeting each other. So, after the lockdown, there are going to be a boom in these job roles and sectors.

Tech Job Roles

Amid the coronavirus breakout, all the companies are using technologies to continue their work. This has lead to an increase in the opportunities in the tech industries.

Designations like Frontend Engineer, Python Developer, Full Stack Engineer, Backend Developer and Cloud Computing are in high demand. And they will be in high demand even after the lockdown.

Digital Marketing Job Roles

All the companies working from home are using digital platforms to continue to market their products and services. Moreover, companies are changing their marketing strategies to fit into this new environment. So, you can expect to get a lot of opportunities in this field of work.


More and more companies are uploading their data on the cloud to interpret, analyze and share crucial data. To keep the computer information safe and secure against hackers or malware, there has been a huge demand for cybersecurity specialist.


There are going to be plenty of opportunities in the job market for you if you are aiming for one of these designations. So, rather than wasting your time during the lockdown, it is better to use it to sharpen your job search tools.


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