Feed from our trainers on Ford builds a 1,400hp electric Mustang drag racer
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Ford builds a 1,400hp electric Mustang drag racer

There's nothing quite like an electric motor. They're compact, powerful, efficient, and they can make all their torque almost instantly, so they're pretty  good at drag racing. The Cobra Jet packs more than a megawatt of power (1,400hp) and 1500Nm (1,100lb-ft) of torque, with its electric motor and inverters supplied by Cascadia Motion. The powertrain software comes from well-known AEM. Ford says it should be able to run the quarter-mile (400m) in the low-eight-second range with a terminal speed of 170mph. That would make it significantly faster than the Mustang Lithium that Ford built for last year's SEMA. That electric car conversion boasted 671kW (900hp) and an even greater 1,356Nm (1,000lb-ft) at the rear wheels. The Cobra Jet 1400 should also be more than a second faster than the tiny orange Flux Capacitor. This started life in the 1970s as an Enfield 8000, a short-lived electric city car built on the Isle of Wight and funded by a Greek shipping tycoon. But a few years back, UK journalist Jonny Smith got hold of one and turned it into the world's fastest street-legal EV when he ran the quarter-mile in 9.87 seconds. Ford says it plans to debut the car officially later this year.

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