Feed from our trainers on The Tesla Autopilot in Details
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The Tesla Autopilot in Details

A) Autopilot

1. Traffic-Aware Cruise Control: On enabling this feature, the speed of your car matches to that of the traffic around you.

2. Auto steer: This feature assists the driver in steering within a clearly marked lane. While doing so, it also makes use of the traffic-aware cruise control.

B) Full Self-Driving Capability

1. Navigate on Autopilot: This feature will guide your car on a highway and will ensure a safe journey. It also includes suggestions for lane changes, navigation interchanges, and taking the correct exit. While doing so, it automatically engages the turn signal.

2. Auto Lane Change: As the name suggests, this feature assists the driver in moving to an adjacent lane on the highway, only when the Auto steer feature is engaged

3. Auto parking: This feature helps in parallel or perpendicular parking of your car. Using this feature, all you need is a single touch to park your car.

4. Summon: If your car is parked in a tight space, you can use this feature to get it out of there! You can do it by using a mobile app or a key.

5. Smart Summon: On using this feature, your car will navigate through some complex parking spaces, and manoeuvring around objects.

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