Feed from our trainers on The positives of COVID-19 pandemic
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The positives of COVID-19 pandemic

Every day we are flooded with negative news about the corona virus, which isunderstandable in times of a crisis. But while we are probably all aware of thenegative effects of the corona virus, it has a rather unexpected side effect: apositive impact on the environment. Since the outbreak began, measures have beentaken to limit the spread of the virus worldwide like a stop on clothing production,social distance and stimulating less travel.1. Climate  Research shows that by closing the factories in China in the past 2 months, the skyis almost completely clear again. For example, there is currently no clothingproduction, which means that less CO 2 -emission are released and people canbreathe again. The nitrogen dioxide is no less than 30% less than normal.2. Consumption quarantineBecause most people currently work from home, we use less plastic, print less,travel less and shop less. All these aspects contribute in a positive way to theenvironment. In addition, many people have started making conscious choiceswhen it comes to nutrition and exercise. We are forced to adjust our living patternsand working methods. We also see that improvisation and creativity suddenlybecomes very important.3. ReflectionBecause we suddenly have a lot of time to think, we are finally faced with the factthat we all buy too much! Use this time to wonder what you really need and whatyou value. Clear out that wardrobe & rediscover old favorites. According toElizabeth L. Cline, author of the new book The Conscious Closet, it isan opportunity to rediscover what you have.