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Android Application Development

Android Application Development

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If you have a passion for developing mobile apps and bringing ideas to life, Ardent Computech Pvt Ltd offers the best course for you. Whether you are just a beginner or experienced in the field of App development, we have courses to cater to all of your needs. Our App development course offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers the fundamentals of Android App development to advanced lessons. Through hands-on exercises and projects, you will become proficient in building user interfaces, handling user interactions, managing data storage, and integrating APIs and services into your apps, etc.

Our Android Developer course aims to make high-quality mobile developers. The Android course is taught by subject experts with years of experience in the development of mobile apps. The practical sessions and hands-on projects will ensure that you come out of this Android training as an ace developer. As a part of this course, you will create widgets, and customize the list view, grid view, and spinners. etc, create applications using audio, video, and SQLite database, and finally publish them on Google Play Store. This course will help you learn mobile app development from scratch and unlock new job opportunities for you in start-ups as well as large organizations. Master Android app development, learn how to set up Android Studio, understand Android architecture in detail, learn about integrating your mobile apps with Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), and other social media, Google Drive, Google Maps, and SQLite, and learn how to create and optimize the app user experience.

Throughout the App development course, you will work on real-world app development projects, allowing you to apply your knowledge in practical scenarios. Our experienced instructors will guide you through the development process, providing valuable insights and feedback to help you create professional-quality apps. Enrol in the best App development course!

Mode of Delivery: Live Online / Offline (Kolkata, Durgapur)

Learning Android app development can be a rewarding endeavor, opening up opportunities to create innovative and functional mobile applications for the Android platform. Here are some key objectives and benefits of learning Android app development:

Career Opportunities:

  • Android is one of the most widely used mobile operating systems globally. Learning Android app development can provide you with valuable skills that are in high demand in the job market. Many companies seek Android developers to create and maintain their mobile applications.

Market Presence:

  • Android has a significant market share in the mobile industry. Developing Android apps allows you to reach a large user base, potentially increasing the visibility and success of your applications.


  • Android development supports a wide range of devices, from smartphones and tablets to smartwatches, TVs, and more. Learning Android app development enables you to create applications for various form factors, making your skills versatile.

Open Source Platform:

  • Android is an open-source platform, allowing developers to access and modify the Android source code. This openness fosters innovation and collaboration within the development community.

Google Ecosystem Integration:

  • Android is closely tied to the Google ecosystem, offering seamless integration with various Google services such as Google Maps, Google Drive, and Google Play Services. Learning Android development enables you to leverage these services in your applications.

Monetization Opportunities:

  • Android provides multiple avenues for app monetization, such as in-app purchases, advertisements, and selling apps on the Google Play Store. Understanding these monetization strategies can be crucial if you aim to generate revenue from your app development efforts.

Development Tools:

  • Android Studio, the official integrated development environment (IDE) for Android development, offers powerful tools and features for building, testing, and debugging applications. Learning to use these tools efficiently is essential for productive app development.

Community Support:

  • Android has a large and active developer community. Engaging with this community provides opportunities for learning, collaboration, and troubleshooting challenges you may encounter during development.

Stay Current with Technology Trends:

  • Mobile technology is continually evolving, and learning Android app development allows you to stay current with the latest trends and advancements in the field. This knowledge is valuable for your professional growth as a developer.

Creativity and Innovation:

  • Android app development provides a platform for expressing creativity and innovation. Whether you're building utility apps, games, or productivity tools, the possibilities are vast, allowing you to bring your ideas to life.

By achieving these objectives, you can not only become a proficient Android developer but also position yourself for success in the dynamic and expanding field of mobile app development.

Mode of Training:

  • LIVE Online
  • Offline in Kolkata
  • Offline in Durgapur
  • Offline in Institutions / Companies (for institutional and corporate training)
Knowledge of java programming language.

Course Modules

  • Industrial

    1. Duration - 40 Hours (4 to 6 Weeks)
    2. Daily / Weekly Classes
    3. 2 Case Studies & 1 Live Project
    4. Industrial Courses are only for students. You can avail this by producing valid proof of studentship. Work on assignments, case studies, and projects.

      As per our policy, we start the course/training/internship within 10 days from the date of enrollment. If you enroll for future month/date, our schedule team will coordinate with you and assign your class. To communicate with our schedule team for preferred timing, email to All courses/internships can be scheduled in customised manner as per your requirements.
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  • Professional

    1. Duration - 60 Hours (8 to 24 Weeks)
    2. Daily / Weekly Classes
    3. 4 Case Studies & 1 Minor Project & 1 Live Project
    4. Professional Courses are more comprehensive. The learning is case study based and project oriented. Ideal for passout students and working professionals.

      As per our policy, we start the course/training/internship within 10 days from the date of enrollment. If you enroll for future month/date, our schedule team will coordinate with you and assign your class. To communicate with our schedule team for preferred timing, email to All courses/internships can be scheduled in customised manner as per your requirements.
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