3 hours class duration   6 days a week / as per your convenience

Networking Essentials covers basic networking concepts within the context of the networks you encounter every day. In this course, students will develop hands-on networking skills and understand the role networks play in our lives. This course introduces students to networking careers and prepares them for further study. Learn how to plan and install a network using real equipment and connect it to the Internet. Practice verifying and troubleshooting network and Internet connectivity. Learn how to recognize and mitigate security threats to a home network. Configure common Internet applications, set up sharing between computers, and configure basic IP services. Get immediate feedback on your work through built-in quizzes and tests. Connect with the global Cisco Networking Academy community.

Understand state-of-the-art in network.
  • Protocols, architectures, and applications.
  • Process of networking research.
  • Focus on network-to-application layer.
  • Protocol rules and algorithms, tradeoffs, rationale.
  • Routing, transport, DNS resolution.
  • Network extensions and next generation architecture Wireless, mobile, sensor.
  • Packet traces

  • Basic Computer and Hardware Knowledge.