3 hours class duration   6 days a week / as per your convenience

Blockchain training is conducted by the real-time expert with real-time scenarios. The blockchain is nothing but a digital record of all the transactions of the economy without missing of data, misusage, manipulation and forgery and mainly incorruptible. It is a Distributed DataBase, With the help of blockchain technology and we can host the transactional data by millions of computers at a time and we can retrieve the data at any time, this data is not available for the hacker to corrupt.

We will learn about –
  • Students can take advanced Python courses and build real projects with it.
  • Students may build upon the Python and Blockchain knowledge gained in this course and start working on their own Blockchain.
  • Students can dive into Web Development or Data Science with Python

Developers with Object Oriented Language experience is required, should have a fundamental knowledge of Linux and Command Line and having a fundamental knowledge of JavaScript are beneficial.